Hi, my name is David.
I design digital products.

As a kid I wanted to become a Detective or an Inventor.

I guess, I became a bit of both.

What I can do for you

I solve user problems
by designing
meaningful products

What I did before

If you're here to see my portfolio, check out:

My product design process

& Ideation

& Paper Prototyping

Information Architecture
& Wireframing

Visual Design

& User Tests

Motion Design
& Production

Currently my favorite tools are:

Google, Google Scholar, Statista, Pinterest, Postits

Pencils, Markers, Paper, Postits, Scissors

Illustrator, Sketch, Keynote

Sketch, Photoshop, Illustrator

Invision, Craft,  Principle, Validately, Muse

After Effects, Zeplin

How I work

During different phases of the design process I step into the shoes of a detective, a designer and an inventor.

1 Investigate


When a project starts I become a private investigator.


As a detective I get to know my target group by observation and interviews; seeing through their eyes.


I follow the footsteps of competitors and examine comparable projects. I create hypotheses, which I address to major pain and gain points and test them by sketching out ideas and quick paper prototypes.

2 Design


From the initial product feature planning over wireframing, to visual design and prototyping I worked in every project phase. I gathered most of my experience working as a UX and UI designer. So if you need someone to sketch out the menu structure of your product and who designs to solve problems I'll be able to help you.


When I first designed for mobile devices in 2005, I spend hours learning how to pixel icons on a 12 x 12 pixel canvas. So, if your product needs pixel perfect visual design and style guides, I will help you, too .

3 Experiment


When I want to make sure that a product makes a user happy or a new feature really solves a problem, I put on my lab coat and step into the shoes of a scientist. Assumptions and hypotheses are great but they need to be tested. Just like every new invention has to run through a couple of iterations before a patent can be claimed.


I try to critically rethink my ideas as often as possible and am an ambassador for iteration in every phase of the process. There is always enough time for a quick office test with colleagues who were not involved in the project.

Let's talk

I’m always interested in talking about new ideas


I’m waiting for your call

No matter if you would like to talk about a project idea, or just say „Hello!“, send me an email to:



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About me

My name is David Brandau. I was born in Hannover, Germany in 1983. Since my teenage years I played the electric guitar in bands and started to create websites, posters and cd covers for the local punk rock scene.


In 2004 I moved to Berlin, where I studied Interface Design at the FH Potsdam and worked as a digital designer. After ten years of experience I became a freelance product designer. Currently I’m working and living in Amsterdam.


Please find my most recent CV here.


 If you would like to see some examples of projects I recently worked on, please go to:

What I did before
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